Security Matters

Once again, Google, and more specifically, Google Chrome, (the most popular browser in the world) are taking yet more steps to batten-down the hatches of internet safety. As Lingo blogged, back in April, not only is it important for you and your users for you to ‘Lock up your site’, so that important information is secure […]


Here’s a quick example of how digital marketing directs adverts at your most-likely customers. Google remarketing campaigns use the positive power of cookies to show specific adverts to customers who have already been to your site. So, a visitor to your site leaves (users do leave – often they get distracted before purchase) – perhaps they decide to search Google for a price […]

Lock up your site!

Online security continues to escalate in importance, and for website owners, the onus is on you. It’s an unfortunate fact of the internet, that attackers are constantly snooping for important information such as form submissions, shop orders, and, well, pretty much everything that happens on your website. Adding layers of protection is key to safeguard you and your […]

Deliveries, where the Devil’s in the Detail

It’s New Year and that means plenty of new plans and projects are afoot. Perhaps this is the year that you’ll add that eCommerce shop to your website? If it is, then I’d hazard a guess that delivery charges are unlikely to feature at the top of your brief. However planning and deploying delivery configurations, though […]

New Year, New Website?

With every new website, ordered before the end of January, we’re including 6 months Sitecare & Email Marketing Set Up absolutely FREE of Charge.

Hamburgers on the Menu

With the dramatic increase of mobile phone usage, big user experience on smaller devices has never been more important. The three line menu icon, fondly referred to as the “hamburger button” or the “nav burger”, is now appearing regularly in responsive or mobile design to hide the primary navigation menu bar as seen on desktop versions of websites. Viewed on a smaller screen size, a website must be […]

Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving and typically marks the busiest day of the year for online shopping. This year Black Friday will fall on 28th November. Originally a US phenomenon, it is increasingly gaining popularity in the UK as well. Many eCommerce retailers will be tapping into this surge of extra website visitors by offering one-day only promotions and […]

What is the purpose of a website wireframe?

If someone told you they were building a new house without plans or architect’s blueprints, you might think that they were a little foolish. You might also predict that they were heading for a costly and stressful situation. It is well understood that blueprints are an essential part of any build-process. Right from the outset […]

Maintenance and Support Agreements

A pro-active approach to site maintenance helps ensure site performance is consistent. By having a maintenance agreement in place, you and your site will benefit from the following: Regular tests for software and hardware compatibility will be carried out, issues are addressed and fixes may be applied. We keep track of changes in legislation with […]