There’s a new revolution in the world of domains.

New and unique domain endings are now available. Meaning your URL can be more specific about your business; offering not only more choice, but additional audience appeal. If your business is in bulbs, you could use .lighting, or .florist, a letting agency could use .properties, or a dating website could use .singles.

Ending such as .builders, .lawyers and .dental are all now available. Get ahead of the crowd and stay with up to date with the latest internet revolution.

Whilst the list isn’t endless, there’s a wide range of domain names now available and even more coming soon. Check out the list to see some suggestions that could help promote your business.

Here at Lingo we’re quite keen on which is in the ‘coming soon’ list.

Of course you can keep your current domain name and simply point a new one to your existing site. Either way, new domains are here to stay.


16 January, 2015 by