SiteSecure Annual Maintenance

By purchasing a Lingo SiteSecure package, your website will receive an annual service in order to help maintain its ‘health’.

£12.00 inc. VAT


By purchasing a SiteSecure package, your website will receive an annual checkup in order to help maintain its ‘health’.

Rather than updates being carried out on an ad-hoc basis, your website will be subject to a yearly maintenance service. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of your site being compromised (hacked).

A SiteSecure package includes the following services:

  • Monthly Back-up
  • Annual Software Updates to the Content Management System (CMS), eCommerce store (if applicable) and plugins
  • Annual Application of Security Patches

The price quoted is for one year of SiteSecure, starting from the date of purchase.

IMPORTANT: SiteSecure is a website maintenance and software update service only, it does not include website development or technical support. For additional SiteCare services please contact one of the Lingo team.


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