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Trish and David McManus @Lingo Design studio with facebook 'like' poster
Trish and David McManus @Lingo Design studio

Lingo customers David and Trish McManus clearly like to do things a little differently.

You only have to visit their beautiful bar and restaurant ‘The Hare Arms’ at Stow Bardolph near Downham Market (and if you havent, you really should) to find it’s well known as a place like no other; every available inch of the welcoming bar is packed with fascinating decorative memorabilia, quality objects to amuse and entertain as you sup a pint of real ale while soaking up the glowing atmosphere. Then there’s the peacocks roaming outside and a well justified reputation as one of the best restaurants around for food and service; there’s nothing ‘standard’ about it.

So, when Trish asked Lingo to assist with a promotion using a QR code, I was buzzing with ideas, excited about working with the new technology and it wasn’t long before the code was generated and we were working out promotion details.

The promotion works when customers scan the unique matrix barcode using an app. The code takes browsers to a unique url and landing page suitable for mobile devices, encouraging a ‘check-in’ via facebook. Once ‘checked in’ (the bar has free wi-fi) visitors can claim their free drink in the process!

Why not check it out…all you need to do is get to the Hare Arms and find a code…!

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