Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving and typically marks the busiest day of the year for online shopping.

This year Black Friday will fall on 28th November.

Originally a US phenomenon, it is increasingly gaining popularity in the UK as well. Many eCommerce retailers will be tapping into this surge of extra website visitors by offering one-day only promotions and sales.

If you sell online, it pays to be ready for the pre-Christmas flood of website visitors.

Online stores could consider:

  • Adding one-day only special offers, promotions and discounts.
  • Publicising any offers online and via social media accounts.
  • Making a test purchase and reviewing the check-out process and any email notifications.
  • Ensuring the home page and any landing pages are up-to-date and looking their best, for instance by adding festive photography or seasonal featured products.
  • If there is a news area or blog, making sure it has been updated recently.
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