Looking to refresh your logo or need start-up branding?

We can update your existing logo, design one from scratch or work from rough ideas you already have.

For any business, a professional image can be the difference between standing out in the market place with a positive, memorable and unique company image, or getting lost in the crowd.

To paraphrase an old saying; a logo tells a thousand words!

What do you want your brand image to say about your business?

Are you contemporary and cutting edge? Traditional and trustworthy? Established and enterprising?

Professional branding design starts with a carefully constructed company logo. A clever combination of font, colour and iconography will instantly communicate who you are and what you do.

The design process involves a detailed brief, a consultation with a project manager, then sketches or design mock-ups, revisions and finally the provision of your design files on disk/digital device.

Updated branding

Logos can get tired, and sometimes, even a logo which is much loved, may need a facelift; sometimes, subtle polishing or preening may be all that is required. We can update your existing brand, while maintaining its identity, and supply a new set of artwork files to help with consistent application.

Your brand image is a valuable business asset.

Which is why brand consistency and the uniform use of style, colour and font is so important.

Lingo can create your very own visual identity guide for you; a brand bible, if you like, which will tell you everything you need to know about your brand and visual identity.

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Legge Farms

A complete design package for local crop growers and conservationists: Legge Farms.

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The mouthwatering chip images and tasty colour palette of this website were engineered to appeal to the fast-food fryers and shop owners, interested in the quality of the chip and the frying process.

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