Branding & Logo Design

Looking to refresh your logo or need start-up branding?

We can update your existing logo, design one from scratch or work from rough ideas you already have.

For any business, a professional image can be the difference between standing out in the market place with a positive, memorable and unique company image, or getting lost in the crowd.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a logo tells a story..


What do you want your brand to say about your business?

Are you contemporary and cutting edge? Traditional and trustworthy? Established and enterprising? Professional branding design starts with a carefully constructed company logo. A clever combination of font, colour and iconography will instantly communicate who you are and what you do

Logos can get tired, and sometimes, even a logo which is much loved, may need a facelift; sometimes, subtle polishing or preening may be all that is required.

We can update your existing brand, while maintaining its identity, and supply a new set of artwork files to help with consistent application.


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The design process involves a detailed brief, a consultation with a project manager, then sketches or design mock-ups, revisions and then the provision of your design files.

Sometimes it takes a few versions until the perfect version is decided on – as can be seen in ‘the VenU’ concepts shown here. This a normal part of the creative process.

Your brand image is a valuable business asset.

Which is why brand consistency and the uniform use of style, colour and font is so important.

Lingo can also create a visual identity guide for you; the brand guidelines which tell you (and anyone else who needs to know) everything about your brand and how to treat your visual identity.

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