In this digital age, your website is the public face of your business.

So it’s vitally important that it shows you off in the very best possible light and tells a positive story.

We hope you won’t be surprised…

…when we pour over your company literature, obsessively research your industry sector and quiz you enthusiastically for more info.

It’s only by really getting to know you and your business that we can recommend the most appropriate web solutions. Static site, content managed site, e-commerce site; what’s suitable for one business, may not be suitable for another.


We all like choices

At Lingo we offer a choice of two ‘development routes’. You can choose a bespoke website design, where our starting point is a blank screen and the sky is literally the limit. We will work together to ensure that you get the genuinely tailored-to-fit web presence that you need.

Alternatively, where budget is a concern or requirements are more flexible, a fully customisable template-based site can allow for faster deployment and a more economical build.

Both options will allow us to create an attractive website which delivers your visitors the right information and which will appeal through user-friendly design.

Beautiful design, made responsively

Responsive websites are built to be ‘intelligent’ enough to know whether they are being viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone – and then adapt accordingly.

Recent years have seen traffic from mobile phones and tablets overtake desktop usage for the first time. With so many website visitors using mobile technology, it is vitally important to make sure your site is keeping up with the shift in customer behaviour.

All our websites are now built responsively as standard.

We plan together

It may sound straightforward but working to planned timescales and schedules can make a huge difference to the speed and efficiency of a website build. Using our wireframing methodology you will be closely involved in the planning stage as your website develops from a wireframe skeleton into a fully fleshed out site.

We will work with you throughout the web development process and offer suggestions of what will work best for you.

Good search engine results don’t just happen by accident.

Do you know what percentage of your website traffic has come to you via Google? Or which keywords people have used to find you?

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate keywords and put a plan in action to help your site move up through the Google rankings.

The more fresh, engaging and authoritative content on your website the better regarded it will be by search engines. We can help you by planning out your content marketing strategy, then mining out the gems of knowledge from your brain and turning these into the well written, keyword optimised content you need to bolster your SEO efforts.

The Hare Arms

With the continued growth of mobile technology, the time was ripe for a fully responsive website that would look as good on a mobile phone as it did on a traditional desktop.

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Church Farm

The team at Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre were looking for a new content managed website – one that allowed them to add new events, activities, news and animals to the site themselves.

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Ingleborough Wildlife

Ingleborough Wildlife came to us looking for a complete package; the design of a new company logo that reflected their windmill roots and the construction of a bespoke eCommerce store.

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Photography and a brand new website for longstanding Lingo customer Arbuckles Restaurant.

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Jamie Maxwell Photography

A showcase website for some-time team member, and freelance photographer, Jamie Maxwell.

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A brand new content managed website for air conditioning specialists COOLTECH.

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New IT

International e-commerce website encompassing complex multi-option products and a striking new look.

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Legge Farms

A complete design package for local crop growers and conservationists: Legge Farms.

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The mouthwatering chip images and tasty colour palette of this website were engineered to appeal to the fast-food fryers and shop owners, interested in the quality of the chip and the frying process.

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It stands to reason that as web designers we should have one or two web projects of our own, and downhamweb is one of those. Introducing Downham Market’s very own community web portal.

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Narford Scaffolding

Striking black & white photography and a strong project portfolio were at the forefront of Narford Scaffolding’s new website design development.

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XL Scales

XL Scales wanted an easy-to-use online store that allowed them to update their product inventory themselves.

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