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Aesthetic elements are incorrectly displayed

Response rates
SiteCare: 10 working days 
PAYG: 20 working days


Website is functioning, but with minor issues

Response rates
SiteCare: 5 working days 
PAYG: 10 working days


Website is functioning, but with major issues

Response rates
SiteCare: 2 working days 
PAYG: 5 working days


Website functionality is completely compromised.

Response rates
SiteCare: 12h
PAYG: 48h

How can we help?

Support tickets are a priority pathway to quick technical assistance. They also provide a simple way for everyone to keep track of progress.

Input your issue into the form with as much information as possible, including screenshots, and details such as;

  • what rating is the issue? Black, Red, Amber or Green.
  • is the issue intermittent or consistent?
  • can you think of anything which may have caused the issue to occur in the first place?
  • when did the issue first occur?
  • is the issue across all devices? (phone/tablet/desktop)

You will get an email when we respond to your ticket.