Team Expedition to Internet World

On Tuesday team Lingo donned its comfiest shoes, picked up an essential supply of Knights Bakery cheese straws and caught the train from Downham Market. Our mission: to attend Internet World, Europe’s largest digital business expo. Held annually at London’s Earl’s Court, the expo is split into six different ‘worlds’; Digital Marketing World, Cloud & […]

I love blogging clients

Despite her initial hesitance, I am thrilled to say that long-term Lingo customer, (and expert on all things etiquette and quintessential England) the lovely Veronica, of More Than Good Manners is not only blogging regularly, but is thoroughly enjoying it! Not only is her blog ( filling up with advice on the do’s and don’ts of […]

Your Top Ten Target Key Phrases and Why They Are So Important!

The simple technique of carefully choosing your Top Ten Target Key Phrases is probably one of the most important things you can do as a website owner. It often seems to me that when we say “Please give me your ‘Top Ten Target Key Phrases’ to website owners, they either glaze over, or nod and agree […]

Facebook Profiles Vs. Pages: advice for Businesses

The question: “Can I use a profile for my business in facebook or should I consider using a page instead?” seems to be coming up a lot at the moment, so here’s a few key issues you might want to consider. Just as facebook has improved peoples’ profiles (the walls, pictures and info belonging to […]

Making Bite-Size Resolutions for your website

Reading this well written blog post on making smaller goals for writing, rang a lot of bells with advice I often give when composing new website content. Bite-Size Resolutions by Moira Allen talks about the approach she uses for writing her books, but the technique can be applied to writing content for your website. Rather […]