A brand new content managed website for air conditioning specialists COOLTECH.

The new site included a polished new design and a clear menu structure where each service area had its own top level menu item. Being built on the WordPress platform meant that the client was given full control of their content.

Call to Action Made Easy

The client had decided to run a 50% off sales offer and wanted to make the promotion of this an integral part of the site. With a particular focus on improving conversion, we built in an eye-catching call to action box at the foot of each relevant product page.

The call to action buttons were big, bold and inviting. They had the aim of leading web visitors quickly and clearly through to more information and an enquiry form. Crying out ‘please click me’, the buttons couldn’t be missed and clearly signposted the fastest route to conversion.

Call to action buttons should be big, bold and crying out 'click me'.

Lingo Vicki, Project Manager