As part of Lingo’s involvement in local community projects we have provided a selection of design services to Downham Market Youth Centre (DYC).

A new responsive website has been developed, using a longer schedule than usual, allowing us to be more flexible with our time and creativity. Whilst the website was being developed, we worked closely with the Centre Manager and resident artist Colour Schemez to design and develop printed promotional material such as posters and event programmes.

Street art forms a big part of DYC’s youth sessions and we were keen to incorporate this in to our artwork. Working closely with Colour Schemez a series of colourful hand drawn characters were created, each with a different theme. Pictured right are Claude – the artist, and Finn – the tekkie. Eight characters were created in total and more will be following soon.

After being supplied to us as black and white drawings, each one was scanned and recoloured to create high quality, digitised versions for print or website use.

The website forms part of DYC’s weekly communications with the local youth community and allows administrators to add news, events and information about youth sessions at any time.

Lingo Design have offered us the very best service we could have wished for when designing our marketing materials, including promotional booklets, flyers and our website. Steve and Vicki were instrumental to pushing our project along and have been extremely flexible when meeting, and have visited us to ensure that we understand how to update the website. Steve was happy to adjust our 'first draft' of the website to ensure that it attracted the right audience.

I applaud their effort and desire to work with the local community, where they have been extremely generous in their costings, where our budget has been tight.

Ali (Centre Manager)