Sometimes what you can’t see, is just as important as what you can!

Farming 4 Profit is a free service for farmers and merchants that links growers across the UK with crop production requirements.

Central to the website are crop contracts – however much of the contract detail must remain anonymous and/or hidden to maintain merchant advantage and privacy.

Farming 4 Profit was looking for a way of being able to publish a stripped down version of publicly-available contract content, with the full detail only being revealed once a website user had registered and signed in.

At the core of the new website is a sophisticated member management engine which allows certain site content to be restricted to registered users only.

The password protected content can only be accessed once a website visitor has registered as a website user and subsequently had their registration confirmed by the Farming 4 Profit webmaster.

Thanks to the user-friendly administrative dashboard, our customer is able to add new site content himself and administer the member management system.