Communicating Complex Technical Product Information for Forbes

The more products and services a business offers, the more important a well thought out website navigation system becomes.
Lingo Liz, Studio Director

It’s fair to say that the Lingo team knows far more about thermoplastics than the average graphic designer.

Over 8 years we have really got to grip with the Forbes extensive range of products and then translated our learnings across to their website.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic storage tanks and environmental technologies to the agri-food, processing and pharmaceutical industries, the Forbes website communicates the company’s expertise and international standing.

By investing the time in understanding the product ranges, their features and applications, we were able to create a logical and easy to navigate site structure.

Meanwhile each product page was designed to display the large amount of complex data (in the form of tables, 3D drawings, photographs and text) in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

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