We like design which gets the senses going!

The mouthwatering chip images and tasty colour palette of this work are engineered to appeal to the fast-food fryers and shop owners, interested in the quality of the chip and the frying process.

We worked closely with the client to develop a striking brand image which could be applied to a range of printed and digital formats. Once the brand was completed a high profile printed brochure was designed, together with product photography and finally a website to provide supporting product information and customer service.

Extra photography sessions and post-production were required to capture the products at their best. In most cases products were in immovable confined spaces and were polished or reflective surfaces.

Emphasis was placed on conveying the “British-made” message with quality of production at the forefront.

It was worth the extra photography sessions to get the frying range images showcased properly.

Rob @ Fryline

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