It’s all about birdseed at Ingleborough Wildlife!

Ingleborough Wildlife is a family business with a fascinating history. From historical milling roots at the Ingleborough Windmill in the 1950s, the business moved into the production of animal feed and finally to developing and mixing their own wild bird seed blends.

The company came to Lingo looking for a complete package; the design of a new company logo that reflected their windmill roots and the construction of a bespoke eCommerce store.

Starting with the development of the logo (which pays tribute to the company’s historic link with milling), Lingo was able to oversee the brand style whilst developing a reliable eCommerce website.

eCommerce development

Working together we developed a full product inventory before translating this into a detailed information architecture (or website structure).

The next step was setting up the complex product options that would allow a single product, such as Standard Seed Mix, to be able to support multiple weight options each with its own pricing and stock control options.

Advanced product options were created to allow customers a wide range of choice between weights and sizes. These choices were also dynamically linked into a bespoke Bird Feeding Guide.

Complex options are very important from a user perspective, as without them each sized bag would have to be listed as a separate product, forcing customers to sift through many more products to find what they are looking for.

And finally, the important task of writing a tagline: What better than ‘We’re Wild About Garden Birds’!