The new Timbers Country Lodge was always going to be a relatively complex website.

With four sides to its business – Accommodation, Dining, Events (typically Weddings) and Business Conferencing – there were four distinctive audiences and a lot to say to each of them.

The large amount of website content meant that it was especially important to get the site’s information architecture clear, right from the outset.

Different menus for different pages

During the extensive pre-build planning phase, a site index was developed in collaboration with Timbers to ensure that we were all happy with how the site’s content would be organised.

To aid the website visitor’s navigation around the 60+ page site, each page was given its own, unique secondary menu. This menu was bespoke to the page, allowing us to include links to content that were deemed most relevant.

Visitors are able to follow multiple pathways through the site to arrive at the same content, and thanks to the content management system, the Timbers team can manually update the menus as the website continues to develop and grow.

Responsive Design

Finally, the new website was constructed to be fully responsive – meaning the content and the menus adapt seamlessly to the screensize on which they they are being accessed.

Whether the site is being viewed on the tiny screen of an iPhone or on a traditional desktop computer, the visitor will enjoy a great browsing experience.