What is a backup and why does my website need one?

A backup is a snapshot copy of your website’s files, taken at a particular moment in time, and stored in a separate location.

Taking regular backups is essential if you wish to protect your website and mitigate against the effects of data loss, for instance as could be caused by web-hosting problems or malicious site compromise. If a website experiences data loss it can be restored using a backup file.

More about backups

Every Lingo-built website, including static, content-managed and eCommerce sites, is backed up at the time of launch.

In the case of content-managed or eCommerce websites, as site content is edited and changed over time, the content of the live site will move further and further away from that of the original ‘at launch’ backup.

Customers can request additional website backups throughout the life of the website, either as part of a SiteCare contract or on an ad-hoc basis.

There are two kinds of backup:

Data-Only Backup

A copy of your website’s database. This database includes your website’s posts, pages and products, the text that they contain and references to any media files (but not the actual files themselves) included within. A data-only backup will capture the changes that you make to your website’s content, for instance the creation of new posts.

Full Backup

As above, but also includes a copy of all media files (images and PDFs) as well as your website’s theme files, the files that dictate the site’s design template and the way text and images are styled.

Backup storage and retrieval

Backups are created solely for the purpose of enabling site restoration in case of data loss. A backup should not be viewed as a file storage facility, and individual images or PDFs can not be retrieved from your backup files.

To protect your backups, we store them in two separate locations, one in a third-party cloud storage location and the other here at Lingo HQ. Backups are held for no more than two years.

The frequency of backups is agreed based on your individual requirements. If your website were to experience data loss, we would restore it using a combination of your most recent full and data-only backups.


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