You can’t help but picture the passengers of years gone by as you step on board Dolly the classic Bella Vega bus at Harrods. Then, you find yourself thinking ahead as you imagine it taking to the roads next year for weddings and day trips.

It was with these romantic daydreams that I got swept away and excitedly joined Laura Harrod on her quest to promote the newest member of their fleet, the 1969 Bedford bus.

We held marketing meetings on the bus, getting together a press release and preparing a brochure and flyer for wedding shows. We are all set for a photo shoot today with a bride on the bus, but the weather may delay us to next week.

But so far so good – David and Ian from the EDP came out on Wednesday as a response to the press release and the article is in page three of today’s paper and looking great!

Watch this space (and the Harrod’s Facebook page) for more details…!


16 September, 2011 by