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digital asset management

Want to speak to a real person rather than a chat bot, a call centre or large, faceless internet company?

Lingo clients can speak to a named member of the team for a really personal and reliable service.

Tasks like timely domain renewals, managing emails and taking good care of your hosting are all part of our daily duties.

We take excellent care of your domain services for you, so you can rest easy and avoid the headaches of managing the complex data yourself.

Green Hosting

Using Lingo’s website hosting has always meant one less thing for website owners to worry about, and now it means one more thing you’re doing to make a difference.

As part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and address the climate crisis, the hosting we offer is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

We’re passionate about caring for the environment and can often be found giving reduced cost hosting to non-profit volunteer organisations who are trying to do meaningful work in this crucial field.

Did you know? Data centres globally are responsible for about the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as air travel. Our green hosting has net-zero emissions.


Whether you already have or want to register a brand new domain name such as – your most important digital asset will be safe with us.

Our dedicated digital services manager looks after all aspects of your domain registration, renewal and critical administration for you.

Technical support for any domain name related issues is included in your annual price.

Always registered in YOUR name, but managed by us, domain names are automatically set to renew (not expire) and we give you plenty of notice should you wish to make any changes.

POPULAR PACKAGES + support = £15.00 per year
.com + support = £20.00 per year