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Every now and again, it’s good to have a website update to keep things feeling fresh. Sites which stay the same year in year out lose visitors and feel dated and neglected, as well as performing poorer in search engines as they age.

LingoLiz's desk covered in bouquets of flowers from

Elizabeth the Florist in Downham Market was due for a bit of a bit of a ‘spruce up’, and owner Kate Shipp decided she also wanted to be able to update her site herself in the future, to keep it feeling as fresh as her flowers. There’s lots of ways to achieve this; varying in complexity from a fully editable site with a CMS through to WordPress site and down to just designating a few selected areas of the site for updating such as ‘news’, ‘next events’ or ‘special offers’.

It didn’t take long to help Kate go through the options, and decide that the best solution for her business was to create a new facebook business page and for us to integrate the activity feed from facebook into to the new homepage, meaning that she could upload new pictures of flowers to facebook which would then appear on the site.

The site had a general graphic design update including a new colour scheme, new header font to match the shop signage, a new enquiry form, and photography of beautiful hand-tied bouquets, which we did here at Lingo. We love taking photos, especially when the subject matter decorates the desks as nicely as these roses and gerberas did! View the site here

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