Hunstanton Lifestyles Festival website almost too much fun!

Who wouldn’t enjoy sifting through loads of vibrant, energetic pictures of kitesurfers, bmx-ers, wind surfers and vw’s for the new lifestyles website?! Particularly as Steve and I are both keen kiters and will soon get to have kite surfing lessons from the guys at as part of the involvement of the website.

Launched today, and using Lingo’s loaf cms, the design and content so far has been an easy, fun and collaborative experience with the cooler than cool Tony, Sports Development Officer from the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council. With the freedom to stretch our creative legs to something a little out of the ordinary, we also teamed up with a few other creative bods like Jim from Volt Productions for the video and Bex Photography for many of the pics)

As the site grows in size with more info and interaction leading up to the climax of a awesome weekend in July, we’ll update the Lifestyles and Lingo blogs with all the news as it happens, so be sure to watch this space and if it’s not updated quick enough for your liking, then you can always follow me on Twitter. If that’s not updated quickly enough, I’m sorry I’m probably too busy designing sites or flying kites!

oh what fun!

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