Lingo’s 2nd time @ the inspirational ‘Internet World’ exhibition – Earls Court

Another year, another thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking and tiring trip down to the Internet World exhibition @ Earls Court.

This year, we were all struck by the focus on CMS tools and mobile app development. CMS tools have been developing rapidly, and the market leaders are all keen to empress why their system is the best. After being given the mega pitch all day from eager sales guys, I came away thinking how pleased I am with our system and excited about it’s possibilities, but keen to promote it, as my fondness for it has developed even further. As for the mobile and web application development, it was interesting to see the early developers battling it out for the foothold on which platform to use, with the iPhone and Android systems leading the way, but a strong case being put forward for developers to concentrate on web apps first and foremost which made perfect sense to me!

After learning the best way to tackle the hundreds of exhibits from last year, we spent time carefully researching new emerging techniques, tools and trends while also comparing products and prices for our existing service providers (such as hosts and email marketing systems) to the ones on show. It’s reassuring to hear from the experts that the ideas you have and techniques you use as a company are solid and popular and it’s always good to see examples of other companies working on the same principles.

We’re a few streets ahead when it comes to custom facebook pages but more on that later!

All in all though, a useful day for all the team, with loads of ideas and inspirational resources to think about! (not to mention a massive selection of stressballs, pens, keyrings and other such freebies to help us remember those companies that want to be remembered) A special thanks to iomart. for the best give-aways of the day fruit shaped stressballs and free fruit smoothies!!

Lingo Design @ Internet World 2010Nick, Liz, Steve and Claire from Lingo Design @ Internet World 2010

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