Long Standing Seating Arrangements

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’d like to reminisce a little….back in 2005, we started with a secondhand office chair and a wooden dining chair. That was plenty when it was just the two of us in the team. Gradually as the studio got bigger we had to source more chairs, desks, workstations and so on.

Like most small businesses, we often were lucky enough to get hand-me-downs or at times we could afford a few second-hand items. Before we knew it, we had a band of chairs in all models and sizes! After while they started to become characters in their own right and everyone had their preferred seating choice; the high one, the blue one, the one with arms…

However, nothing lasts forever (even office chairs) and we recently took the decision to invest in a regiment of new chairs to replace our tired band of survivors. Still second hand, but this time, nearly new, and all the same size, shape and colour (featuring a nice burgundy seat). The old line up have had their day, but we couldn’t just chuck them out; we felt it fair to give them a send off with a line-up photo and a blog post. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

So here they are – in all their wonky glory…

Vintage Seating

They will be re-homed or recycled in the near future.


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