Lucy’s last day

Having work experience students at Lingo design over the last 4 years has been something that the team have really enjoyed. It’s even better when a student fully engages and obviously enjoys their time as part of the team.

On her last day, Lucy Benefer, from Terrington St Clements High, has been asked to summarise her time here in a paragraph or two what she’s written sums it up nicely!

My time at Lingo Design:

Well, what can I say about Lingo Design? The word bonkers! springs to mind!

Everyone is so fun and welcoming; even though they may not be feeling all that great themselves (like Claire’s heyfever) they still treat you with respect and try to make you feel comfortable.

Sure some days it’s a big yawn! :O But that’s just part of work and you deal with it and move on knowing there will be days that fly by and make coming in all worth the pain of slow work .e.g. highlighting for two hours!

The atmosphere whilst I’ve been here has been awesome! Everyone works but has a good old joke, it’s been so great to work here for two weeks and I would love to do what they do here despite the days where it’s all stress.

I loved the designing tasks I was set here like the launch card and the analytics card and I hope my contribution was welcome, I would like to thank them for everything! So thank you, you absolutely bonkers people!! I will never forget my time here and never get rid of the habits .

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