We were pleased to welcome Ned from Smithdon High School, Hunstanton for Work Experience this week. He showed a lot of promise as a designer, and made good tea…here’s his blog.

During my time in Lingo Design I have learned a great deal on Graphics, and the career path that it involves; the staff at Lingo design are exceptional at their jobs and are very hardworking, despite this, they still come across as fun people to work with and don’t come across as too serious. If I had to work with anyone they would be the type of people I would work with and what I would aspire to be like. Some of the skills I’ve learnt include: using various tools on Photoshop, project management (mostly involving working with vast quantities of tea and coffee) as well as social skills like communicating with staff to maximise effectiveness of the work outcome but also learning to work independently and incorporating my own ideas into designs.

Working in a Web Design Studio was something I have wanted to do for a few months, so that I could decide whether it was something I would like to do. I went into Lingo Design with next to no knowledge on how websites are created and placed into the internet (despite spending a whole school term on making a website on Dreamweaver :/ )  And came out with a range of knowledge related to how websites work, how they are built and how mindboggling the code is that runs with it.

Over all the experience at Lingo Design was a very good one, I would definitely work there full time if needed, because who doesn’t like being paid to mess about on Photoshop, I do that anyway. I digress. I have no idea how other companies are in web design but if they are all like Lingo Design I would have too much fun.



11 July, 2014 by