Fun on the Farm and Responsive Design

From giant rabbits to tiny piglets. The Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre website ensured a cuteness overload in the Lingo studio at the start of the year. The team at Church Farm were looking for a new content managed website – in particular one that allowed them to add new events, activities, news and animals […]

We’re wild about garden birds (and websites!)

Congratulations to wild bird feed and feeding equipment company Ingleborough Wildlife on the launch of their new website. Ingleborough Wildlife is a family business with a fascinating history. From historical milling roots at the Ingleborough Windmill in the 1950s, the business moved into the production of animal feed and finally to developing and mixing their […]

What is the purpose of a website wireframe?

If someone told you they were building a new house without plans or architect’s blueprints, you might think that they were a little foolish. You might also predict that they were heading for a costly and stressful situation. It is well understood that blueprints are an essential part of any build-process. Right from the outset […]

Newsite for newrooms

The new rooms designed and fitted by newrooms are so beautiful we knew immediately that their new site had to be image-led. Minimalist design, aspirational products To allow the photographs of the rooms to really shine we felt it was important for the design of the website itself to take more of a minor role. […]

What is a cookie?

Unfortunately cookies of the website variety have nothing to do with the Great British Bake Off and aren’t anywhere near as delicious as their name might suggest. In fact a website cookie is a small data file that is automatically saved onto your device (whether that is a desktop computer, laptop or smart phone) when […]

New website for Arbuckles

Congratulations to Arbuckles Restaurant in Downham Market on the launch of their fantastic new website! A great project to work on, it has included new photography and the development of a fresh look and feel. And, of course, being a dedicated bunch here at Lingo, we carried out lots of hands-on market research. Did we […]

Three things you need to know about obfuscation

1) What is obfuscation? In the world of websites we use the words ‘obfuscate’ and ‘obfuscation’ when talking about protecting important information such as email addresses and telephone numbers from malicious web bots. Literally it means to make something obscure or difficult to understand. 2) Why is obfuscation important? Email addresses are very valuable things […]

Are we there yet?

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the smell of paper and ink that greets you when you open a box of freshly printed brochures! And this week the studio has been full of that aroma, as we took delivery of the Harrods Coaches 2013 Holiday Brochure. We loved this project! For the third year in a […]

Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #2

In the first post we considered the questions ‘What is a Content Management System and do I need one?’ This time the question for consideration is: #2 Which Content Management System is the right one for me? We are venturing into more technical territory, and already I can see some eyes glazing over, so I’ll […]

Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #1

Inspired by the sticky situation a new client of ours found herself in, this post is aimed at the small business thinking of buying a new website or upgrading an existing site. We know that web jargon can at times be scary and unfathomable. And it can be tempting for the already over-stretched small business […]

Fun in Sunny* Hunny at Lifestyles Festival

If you’d been in Hunstanton over Jubilee weekend you might have spotted Liz, Vicki and Laura sporting some very fetching fluorescent orange polo shirts. No, we weren’t community sentence litter-pickers (where would you get an idea like that?!) we were volunteering at the thoroughly awesome Lifestyles Festival. While the sun’s up Lifestyles brings together street […]

Reining in the Cookie Monster

Today is the first working day since EU Regulations on the use of cookies in websites were adopted into law by the UK Government. Does this affect me? YES!!! If your website has a shop module, an online form of any type or is plugged into a tracking / reporting package like Google Analytics then […]