Our new client Jane sets a blogging example for us all!

I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with the incredibly talented ‘Mixed Media Artist’ Jane Clark. After a bit of mindmapping and a lot of business chatting we’ve almost got to grips with the current set up of Jane’s websites, which currently combine an excellent level of photography, information and brilliant blog posts via WordPress and Blogger (two tools we strongly recommend, and I use myself).

For those of you clients who struggle to think up new ideas to talk about in your site blogs, this lady is one to watch – there’s always something to talk about, says Jane. Passing on and sharing information or other useful ideas and resources makes a blog interesting and infinity revisit-able. Even our design consultation was blogged about the SAME DAY it happened, a whole day quicker than I managed, and a wonderful post too thank you Jane!

The new site, which will continue to make the most of the hard work done so far and the blogging tools, will also offer the opportunity for visitors to buy fantastic prints, quilts, paintings and other artistic creations through a secure payment section of the site as well as providing more information about art tuition and classes available.

So, watch this space art lovers and even if you’re not ‘in-to’ all that, the site makes for excellent inspiration and a great blogging example too www.art2inspire.co.uk !

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