Phased Development

I heard a saying sometime ago that a good website should never be finished, and I believe it’s fairly true. It’s a tough statement to be comfortable with though. It doesn’t mean you’ve not got ‘it’ (your site, or your page, your post, or your new function) as good as it can be, but it’s more likely that, by the very nature of the internet, ‘it’ will change very quickly, and that you will have something new to add to it, or improve it in some way.

The real trick is to be happy with the ‘Phased Development’ idea. That you’re always working on improving what you have. It encourages your constant thoughts on ways to improve, and allows you to be comfortable with an ongoing (or, unfinished) job. Unfinished is not a bad thing.

The other reason to terminate the procrastination when almost ready to go live is that the hunt for perfection can sometimes leave you dissatisfied with an otherwise very good job. Going live with a ‘phase one’ means your audience can often be the source of feedback you need to feel happy with your page, or sometimes be the inspiration for the ‘finishing touch’, and more likely, the encouragement you need to keep going to get to ‘phase two, three, four’ and so on.

So, without further ado, I’ll stop titivating this post, and publish it! I hope this might encourage you to do the same.

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