A new look for Timbers Country Lodge

Timbers Country Lodge Website Homepage

Using both new and existing content, Lingo has been delighted to work with Timbers to get their new site up and running. The design brief was to create an eye catching, user friendly and professional website, focusing on page layout and design. The style needed to engage visitors and appeal to the typical target audiences for weddings and […]

Fun on the Farm and Responsive Design

From giant rabbits to tiny piglets. The Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre website ensured a cuteness overload in the Lingo studio at the start of the year. The team at Church Farm were looking for a new content managed website – in particular one that allowed them to add new events, activities, news and animals […]

Newsite for newrooms

The new rooms designed and fitted by newrooms are so beautiful we knew immediately that their new site had to be image-led. Minimalist design, aspirational products To allow the photographs of the rooms to really shine we felt it was important for the design of the website itself to take more of a minor role. […]

Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #2

In the first post we considered the questions ‘What is a Content Management System and do I need one?’ This time the question for consideration is: #2 Which Content Management System is the right one for me? We are venturing into more technical territory, and already I can see some eyes glazing over, so I’ll […]

Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #1

Inspired by the sticky situation a new client of ours found herself in, this post is aimed at the small business thinking of buying a new website or upgrading an existing site. We know that web jargon can at times be scary and unfathomable. And it can be tempting for the already over-stretched small business […]