Lifestyles Festival

Lingo are proud to be supporting the awesome Lifestyles Festival again for 2014. With a new website in the pipelines, social media support and printed programme design, we’ll be busy publishing and promoting all of the many extreme sports activities you can find at the festival in Hunstanton. We’re looking forward to getting thrown in […]

Fun in Sunny* Hunny at Lifestyles Festival

If you’d been in Hunstanton over Jubilee weekend you might have spotted Liz, Vicki and Laura sporting some very fetching fluorescent orange polo shirts. No, we weren’t community sentence litter-pickers (where would you get an idea like that?!) we were volunteering at the thoroughly awesome Lifestyles Festival. While the sun’s up Lifestyles brings together street […]

Lingo @ Lifestyles

So the Lifestyles festival is almost upon us, and all the hard work is coming in to play. Everyone that’s involved in the festival is working hard to get everything ready for tomorrow. Here at Lingo we’ve been Blogging on the Lifestyles website everyday which have then been pulled over my Facebook and hitting an […]

Lingo on the beach

With the sun in the sky and the weather on the turn, we headed off to Hunstanton, not for a jolly along the beach but for the official press release for the Lifestyles Festival 2010 . Okay, so the press release was on the beach (and was quite a giggle) but we still had to […]

Hunstanton Lifestyles Festival website almost too much fun!

Who wouldn’t enjoy sifting through loads of vibrant, energetic pictures of kitesurfers, bmx-ers, wind surfers and vw’s for the new lifestyles website?! Particularly as Steve and I are both keen kiters and will soon get to have kite surfing lessons from the guys at as part of the involvement of the website. Launched today, and […]