Think of your new website as a new car, just driven out of the showroom

At first it is all shiny and new then, as the miles clock up, the signs of wear and tear may begin to show.

It is recommended that, as you would a car, websites are regularly updated and maintained by having an annual MOT or service in order to keep running perfectly.

We can help you make sure that everything is in order and also spot any potential problems.

Problems can arise such as:

New Technology Development – new operating systems and internet browser technology are regularly released

Third Party Software Updates – content management systems are continually updated by software developers

Changes in Legislation – laws regarding website use and privacy are constantly changing

We can offer solutions to those problems, with:

Compatibility & Performance Tests – we assess the suitability of new software or hardware, and check issues such as loading speed and functionality

Legislation Updates –  we constantly monitor changes in legislation, with reference to digital media, internet, cookies, privacy and data protection

Website Backups – by running regular back-ups of a website ensure that if something does go wrong, there is a recent copy to roll back to

Security Monitoring – stop your website being compromised by hackers, by providing protection from malicious software

Contact us now, if you’d like a website check, or to discuss a maintenance agreement

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