A Slice Of Our Own Advice

a selection of hand-written digital marketing words, or jargon.

Writing new content can sometimes feel like a chore; another item on a business owners’ long list of ‘to-do’s.

But the advice remains the same; neglect your website copy at your peril!

Sites without fresh content are less likely to be delivered by search engines than those with new info. And let’s face it, your customers will be turned off if things feel ‘stale’.

So how about a tip to help inspire you with some fresh writing?!

When advising customers on text-composing techniques I often say “Try to imagine your ideal customer; sat at the other end of the internet, staring at the screen as you are typing. What would you say? What piece of advice would you give them and how would you start explaining that you are the expert at what you do?”

By simply and honestly providing quality information that your customers are looking for, (often this is knowledge you might take for granted) in an understandable tone, you will score your online goals; to engage with your audience!

So, in taking a slice of my own advice, I’ve just updated our site with a new page on Digital Marketing, in particular explaining that we offer ‘social media strategy and planning’. The page features an embedded list of the latest ‘on topic’ news post (such as this one), giving advice on how we can help companies make the most out of the various tools and trends.

Just as in my post explaining why a good website should never be ‘finished’  this page will require ongoing development; using fresh content, and most of all, referring to the tip above; giving more good, free advice!

Remember, if you need help, just get in touch. We don’t bite, and we’re passionate about not bamboozling you with jargon. It’s why we’re here and why we’re called Lingo.

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