Rise & Shine

A friendly font, a bright colour, and suitable for tiny mobile phone app icon.

These were three of the must-haves for the new logo design for ‘Rise & Shine’.

As this excerpt, taken from marketing material, written and produced by Lingo would suggest, the app is all about positivity.

“At your chosen wake-up time, the app plays audio guided meditations set to a soundtrack of gradually uplifting music. Visualisation techniques and metaphors are embedded in the audio, along with instructions to gently wake you up feeling amazing, realising your full potential and even superseding your own expectations.”

Positive Thinking, Positive Branding

…so the brand deserved a positive graphic design approach too. Sky blue, sun-burst yellow and cloud-white. A perfect ‘positive’ palette. Sun-rays radiate from the ampersand, creating a centre stage for the brand to use elsewhere, such as over images and in documents.

The first two demo audio tracks for the app can be previewed on a new ‘Rise & Shine’ YouTube channel, here, bespoke header and video artwork created by Lingo, use the ampersand to create continuity.

Working closely with Bristol-based Matt Searle, the entrepreneur, Hypnotherapist and Personal Trainer behind the app, Lingo are consulting on all aspects of marketing, as well as testing the app tracks and leading a user testing group collecting feedback for app development. The next step for the project will be a crowd funding campaign to raise investment for a prototype app to be developed.

Matt is tweeting from @RiseShineClock on twitter, and his new website is coming soon.

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