Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #2

In the first post we considered the questions ‘What is a Content Management System and do I need one?’ This time the question for consideration is: #2 Which Content Management System is the right one for me? We are venturing into more technical territory, and already I can see some eyes glazing over, so I’ll […]

Buying a New Website | Things You Need to Know #1

Inspired by the sticky situation a new client of ours found herself in, this post is aimed at the small business thinking of buying a new website or upgrading an existing site. We know that web jargon can at times be scary and unfathomable. And it can be tempting for the already over-stretched small business […]

Keep on Trucking

When KGB Transport said they wanted to move their website up a gear, we knew it was time to put our foot on the accelerator and get trucking. Providing transport solutions across various industrial sectors for over 40 years, KGB Transport are particularly renowned for providing root-crop transport services. At Lingo we like to really […]

Portfolio Update

We’ve found some time to add a couple of new projects to our portfolio!
Take a look at start-up website Mrs B’s Cakes with it’s branding and photography or PKS Construction demonstrating some of their best construction projects.

ecfmx launch

EastCoast FMX (motocross freestyle stunt team from Ipswich) didn’t need a ramp to get off the ground (puntastic) but the site does feature an animation for the stunt ramp display set up, as well as an embedded motocross game, up to date team news, a twitter feed and a custom error page (404 page) so […]

Your Top Ten Target Key Phrases and Why They Are So Important!

The simple technique of carefully choosing your Top Ten Target Key Phrases is probably one of the most important things you can do as a website owner. It often seems to me that when we say “Please give me your ‘Top Ten Target Key Phrases’ to website owners, they either glaze over, or nod and agree […]