Three things you can do to improve your online shop

We’re often asked how to turn a good online shop into an amazing online shop. So here are three of Lingo’s favourite tips on how to make your customers love your e-commerce store even more than they do already. 1. Only show customers what they want to see Being able to filter products allows customers […]

What are website breadcrumbs?

Have you ever got lost in the depths of a multi-page website? Fear not, breadcrumbs can help you to find your way home! In the well-known Brothers Grimm fairy-tale, little Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the forest by their parents. However by leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind them the two children intend to find […]

What is a bounce rate?

If a website user only visits one page and then exits, they can be said to have ‘bounced’ out of the site. Bounce rate is the Google Analytics metric which captures this element of visitor behaviour. It is the percentage of visits that only include one page (or a single request to the Analytics server). […]

Lock up your site!

Online security continues to escalate in importance, and for website owners, the onus is on you. It’s an unfortunate fact of the internet, that attackers are constantly snooping for important information such as form submissions, shop orders, and, well, pretty much everything that happens on your website. Adding layers of protection is key to safeguard you and your […]

Happy Anniversary Palmers Restaurant

If one year is paper and two years is cotton, what should mark a 15-year anniversary? A new, mobile-friendly website of course. Congratulations to Palmers Restaurant of Downham Market on 15 years as one of West Norfolk’s finest eateries. And what better way to mark the occasion than by launching a new, fully responsive website. Launch website >   […]

New Website for MRC Modular

Congratulations to modular buildings specialists, MRC Modular on the launch of their new responsive website.

A new look for Timbers Country Lodge

Timbers Country Lodge Website Homepage

Using both new and existing content, Lingo has been delighted to work with Timbers to get their new site up and running. The design brief was to create an eye catching, user friendly and professional website, focusing on page layout and design. The style needed to engage visitors and appeal to the typical target audiences for weddings and […]

What is a cookie?

Unfortunately cookies of the website variety have nothing to do with the Great British Bake Off and aren’t anywhere near as delicious as their name might suggest. In fact a website cookie is a small data file that is automatically saved onto your device (whether that is a desktop computer, laptop or smart phone) when […]

New website for Arbuckles

Congratulations to Arbuckles Restaurant in Downham Market on the launch of their fantastic new website! A great project to work on, it has included new photography and the development of a fresh look and feel. And, of course, being a dedicated bunch here at Lingo, we carried out lots of hands-on market research. Did we […]

Three things you need to know about obfuscation

1) What is obfuscation? In the world of websites we use the words ‘obfuscate’ and ‘obfuscation’ when talking about protecting important information such as email addresses and telephone numbers from malicious web bots. Literally it means to make something obscure or difficult to understand. 2) Why is obfuscation important? Email addresses are very valuable things […]

Target Audience: SEO – Back to Basics

The first thing that has to be considered, when planning your website content, is target audience. You have to think about who will want to visit your site, what they want to see, and why they want to visit. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “My target audience is everyone.” When you […]