Deliveries, where the Devil’s in the Detail

It’s New Year and that means plenty of new plans and projects are afoot.

Perhaps this is the year that you’ll add that eCommerce shop to your website?

If it is, then I’d hazard a guess that delivery charges are unlikely to feature at the top of your brief. However planning and deploying delivery configurations, though sometimes simple have been known to take just as long as a shop’s design!

Here are some things to consider when planning the set-up of your online shop:

Will delivery charges vary based on location?
It costs considerably more to post a parcel to the Isle of Man than to Manchester. Will your delivery system reflect this? If so, we will need to identify the relevant postcodes and attach appropriate delivery charges to them.

Will delivery charges vary by weight and volume?
Will you charge more for bulky or heavy items? How will this be calculated? We may need to add actual weight and volume fields to all of your products.

Will delivery charges vary according to the type of product being ordered?
Some fragile or delicate items may require extra packaging, resulting in higher costs. Will these extra costs be reflected in your charges? If so, we may require multiple delivery categories.

Free delivery?
Would you like to offer free delivery above a certain threshold. Will this apply to all orders and all destinations?

Will delivery charges reflect mixed shopping baskets?
A customer orders a fragile item, a bulky item and a heavy item all together. What should they be charged, and will this vary depending on delivery location? We may need to put in place rules that establish how charges are calculated in more complex scenarios.

Lingo have extensive experience of configuring complex delivery options, so feel free to come-a-knocking with your questions!

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