Flexible Logo for Fit Ease

A flexible logo for pilates instructor and new customer Fit Ease. For stationery, social media and apparel. Following Helen’s clear creative brief, Lingo created a new logo depicting the figure of a woman in a classic pilates pose, picked out in a vibrant sunset of red, orange and purple. Lingo also designed and printed business […]

New Website for Stampede Press

Congratulations to Stampede Press UK  on their fifth birthday and on the launch of their new website. The new site includes social media feeds, enquiry forms, video content, blog posts, case studies and testimonials. Built on the popular WordPress content management system ensures it is beautifully easy to edit and can be further grown into the future. […]

New Festival Website

It’s weird, it’s different, it’s like nothing we’ve ever done before – but that’s good, as that was the brief. http://www.curiousyellow.co.uk     

Branding and Website Project for Innovative Bristol Coach

Helping Bristol based vocal-life-coach Bex Baxter to find her voice online, was an unusual project. Bex was passionate about the power of effective communication, and chose Lingo because of the alignment in key brand values. A new, hand-writing style logo and clean, clear website design was created to represent Bex’s gentle style of coaching – and to help the new business identify […]

Rise & Shine

A friendly font, a bright colour, and suitable for tiny mobile phone app icon. Three of the must-haves for the new logo design for ‘Rise & Shine’. As this excerpt, taken from marketing material, written and produced by Lingo would suggest, the app is all about positivity. “At your chosen wake-up time, the app plays audio guided meditations […]

Security Matters

Once again, Google, and more specifically, Google Chrome, (the most popular browser in the world) are taking yet more steps to batten-down the hatches of internet safety. As Lingo blogged, back in April, not only is it important for you and your users for you to ‘Lock up your site’, so that important information is secure […]


Here’s a quick example of how digital marketing directs adverts at your most-likely customers. Google remarketing campaigns use the positive power of cookies to show specific adverts to customers who have already been to your site. So, a visitor to your site leaves (users do leave – often they get distracted before purchase) – perhaps they decide to search Google for a price […]

Lock up your site!

Online security continues to escalate in importance, and for website owners, the onus is on you. It’s an unfortunate fact of the internet, that attackers are constantly snooping for important information such as form submissions, shop orders, and, well, pretty much everything that happens on your website. Adding layers of protection is key to safeguard you and your […]

DYC takes off this summer

Downham Market Youth Centre has taken delivery of its new website in time to promote the summer event calendar!

A Domain by any other Name

There’s a new revolution in the world of domains. New and unique domain endings are now available. Meaning your URL can be more specific about your business; offering not only more choice, but additional audience appeal. If your business is in bulbs, you could use .lighting, or .florist, a letting agency could use .properties, or a dating website could use […]

Hamburgers on the Menu

With the dramatic increase of mobile phone usage, big user experience on smaller devices has never been more important. The three line menu icon, fondly referred to as the “hamburger button” or the “nav burger”, is now appearing regularly in responsive or mobile design to hide the primary navigation menu bar as seen on desktop versions of websites. Viewed on a smaller screen size, a website must be […]