Just in (iPhone) Case

Because we love designing logos, we can’t help but get excited when we are asked to get a logo we love printed somewhere different! In this instance, Pete from Legge Farms asked us to get a custom designed iPhone case, and here’s a quick snap of him trying it on the phone for the first […]

Cut Out The Keyword Guesswork (FREE Tool)

Looking to Search Engine optimise your site? Not sure what Keywords to use? If you’ve already got a Google account (if not, why not) and are honing in on your Keywords, the Keywords Tool is right up your search street. adwords.google.co.uk Despite being an obvious ‘in road’ to Google’s AdWords; where you spend money per-click […]

Up-dates, down-costs!

As website development gets ever more complex, some elements of site maintenance can become more ‘routine’ and require skills not restricted to those of a “developer” or “web-designer”. At Lingo, more of our growing team are now trained and experienced in these particular types of task and we’re therefore able to offer updates at a […]

A Slice Of Our Own Advice

Writing new content can sometimes feel like a chore; another item on a business owners’ long list of ‘to-do’s. But the advice remains the same; neglect your website copy at your peril! Sites without fresh content are less likely to be delivered by search engines than those with new info. And let’s face it, your […]

Social Media Demographics…InfoGraphic

Whether you love or hate info graphics, quite often, as long as you take them with a pinch of salt, they can be a useful tool to demonstrate complex statistics. The every changing social media sphere poses an ever lasting subject for info graphic designers…this one strikes a chord with us, as the design is […]


This Valentines day, Lingo are sending our not-so-secretive admission of admiration to the entity of content. We love content so much, we’re almost lost for words (now, that would be ironic!) and we wanted to show our affection. We just can’t get enough of the ‘blah-blah’ the ‘yadda yadda’, and even the ‘rhubarb rhubarb’! Quite […]

As Fresh As A Daisy!

Every now and again, it’s good to have a website update to keep things feeling fresh. Sites which stay the same year in year out lose visitors and feel dated and neglected, as well as performing poorer in search engines as they age. Elizabeth the Florist in Downham Market was due for a bit of […]

Explaining some Ugly Lingo…

I watched Panorama last night with interest; as one of the many popular internet jargon terms was explained and moreover, one of the faces of the often anonymous participants of ‘Trolling’ was exposed.

QR: Quite Rare codes

Lingo customers David and Trish McManus clearly like to do things a little differently. You only have to visit their beautiful bar and restaurant ‘The Hare Arms’ at Stow Bardolph near Downham Market (and if you havent, you really should) to find it’s well known as a place like no other; every available inch of […]

I love blogging clients

Despite her initial hesitance, I am thrilled to say that long-term Lingo customer, (and expert on all things etiquette and quintessential England) the lovely Veronica, of More Than Good Manners is not only blogging regularly, but is thoroughly enjoying it! Not only is her blog (onkys.blogspot.com) filling up with advice on the do’s and don’ts of […]

Facebook Removes Reviews & Discussions

“We’re Making Pages Better” comes the notification from facebook as you log in to your business page. But what does this mean? It means facebook have monitored and reacted, and I think this time, they’ve done well. None of the business pages we manage make much use of reviews or discussions, as people generally post […]

ecfmx launch

EastCoast FMX (motocross freestyle stunt team from Ipswich) didn’t need a ramp to get off the ground (puntastic) but the site does feature an animation for the stunt ramp display set up, as well as an embedded motocross game, up to date team news, a twitter feed and a custom error page (404 page) www.ecfmx.co.uk/error-page.html so […]