Hot on the heels of re-designing the Forbes website, Lingo was tasked with the very exciting brief of branding and marketing a new product.

For anyone with the need to store large quantities of hazardous chemicals, Innatank™ is a genuinely revolutionary product.

The new chemical storage tank from the Forbes Group has its own, built-in integral bund, which brings a whole raft of benefits when compared to traditional chemical storage.

Product branding

Put more simply, the product is a tank within a tank: which ultimately led us to its new name: Innatank™.

The creative team brain-stormed a number of options, before presenting Forbes with a shortlist. This process included trade-mark research to ensure the name was free to be used in key markets and ensuring that website domain names were readily available.

Next the product logo. This would be the company’s first official sub-brand, and in this instance it was important the new logo felt like a member of the brand family. Adopting the familiar colour palette and stylised wave graphic, the design team ensured that the logo was still clearly its own entity.

Full product marketing

There are many routes to market with a new product – from attention-grabbing editorial and advertising in relevant trade publications to email marketing to existing customers and contacts.

The Lingo team has been busily working on:

  • Print advertising
  • Trade publication news release
  • The Innatank™ website mini-site / sub-section
  • Promotional brochure
  • Attractive and easy to understand technical diagrams
  • Email marketing campaign shot
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media advice and strategy

The result is a professionally presented product, which has been given the very best start in life.

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